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Our Customer Satisfaction Results

Here at SKANWEAR our customers opinion's matter to us! To make sure we can make improvements in the correct areas we devised a survey. We received a tremendous amount of responses and here are our results!

Customers Said:

  • Your Lead times are too long
  • We need to Improve Order Accuracy
  • Getting the correct fit of garments is a challenge
  • Your products are excellent
  • Your customer service team is friendly and responsive

What SKANWEAR have done:

  • Reduced average order dispatch time to 1.47 days (industry leading!).  We have achieved this by hiring additional resource across all operational business areas, changed internal operational procedures and increased inventory.
  • Reduced order pick errors to 0.5%. Reviewed and revised internal pick & pack procedures and begun implementation of bar code scanning using a fully integrated WMS system.
  • Revised our current sizing information available online and published to customers and also begun a program to revise the fit and ensure consistency across all our product program. 
  • Congratulated our product development team, who refuse to accept the accolade but continue to improve our products and continue to reach out to wearers to see what we can improve and how.
  • This has made my team so happy!  The team is growing almost daily with additional members to work across different time zones and in different languages. 

Our proudest achievement is that we have been able to make a donation to Unicef for:  £275 /  €302 /  $355


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