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Arc & Flame Awareness - Training 5 countries in 1 week!


Arc Flash Training Collage

In week 46 SKANWEAR’s Safety Soldiers presented in five different countries for one customer in one week - United Kingdom, Poland, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and Australia.

SAVING LIVES is in the DNA of each and every member of the SKANWEAR team – it’s our passion!  We travel the world supporting everyone and anyone who is on the same journey as us – SAVING LIVES.  

Each and every day people are being injured and sometimes fatally injured from the devastating effects of Arc Flash and Fire and it has got to STOP!! 

Regardless of the cost to SKANWEAR we continue to invest as a priority - significant amounts of time and money in to free of charge, unsponsored Arc Flash Awareness Sessions for any company and/or association around the world that is connected to the energy & utility industry.  Remember PPE is one of your last lines of defence but one that you cannot be without!

ERIC PD:  The acronym for defining the hierarchy of hazard control is an excellent tool that SKANWEAR believes in and endorses.  

The critical thing is to understand that each stage is interrelated and equally as important

  • Eliminate
  • Reduce
  • Isolate
  • Control
  • PPE
  • Discipline

To secure a free of charge non-commercial Arc Flash Awareness session from SKANWEAR simply email: with your request.

Note: training can be provided either in a classroom format, on site tool box talk, delivered online via video conferencing or a slide deck webinar

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