Can Electrical Safety increase productivity

Can Electrical Safety increase productivity?

Too many owners and managers this question might sound crazy.

Can electrical safety increase productivity? 

In all honesty, I have no statistical data that can prove it one way or the other, but I've seen and heard enough success stories to believe that it is certainly possible.

In this article, I'll go over some examples that will show that implementing good electrical safety practices can increase the productivity of your electrical crew.

Increasing Electrical Safety Planning will increase job planning

A high quality job plan will increase the productivity of the team and cut down on unnecessary steps and reduce the number of setbacks.

A story that comes to mind is the one about the two Egyptian princes who are promised great riches by Pharaoh if they successfully build a pyramid.

After one year the first prince has the ground level completed and the second hasn't started, but he has spent his time planning how to safely get the blocks to the higher levels. 

In year two the first prince starts the second level and quickly realises his problem.

He injures more workers and the process is slower getting the blocks to the higher level.

Meanwhile, once the second prince has perfected his plan and created the proper tools, he surpasses the first prince and completes his pyramid faster and without injuring anyone.

Electrical Safety Job Briefings

Electrical job briefings are the electrical terminology for a safe job plan.

By increasing the focus on electrical job briefing you are increasing the focus on good job planning.

These things go hand and hand by nature.

You will be hard-pressed to design a safe job plan without creating a productive job plan.

Worker Pride leads to Electrical Safety excellence

Have you ever walked through a facility and noticed the amount of pride that has gone into the work?

In the electrical world, this is like comparing a brand-new Ferrari to one of the cars that the monster trucks ran over.

It's very easy to spot.

One thing that comes to me though is that the facilities with exceptional workmanship probably have an exceptional attitude toward electrical safety.

A crew that is focused on staying safe and doing excellent work will probably also have a great attitude toward the value of time.

These aren't the ones you will find hanging around in the shop forty-five minutes before quitting time or forgetting tools, just so they can make an extra trip to the tool store.

These are the workers who take the time do the job right and do the job safely.

Increased trust leads to increased communication

Often workers who feel that their supervisor doesn't really care about them will start to lose faith in the safety message delivered by management.

No matter how genuine the manager may be if the supervisor hasn't built trust then the productivity is going to suffer.

Engaging your supervision in the electrical safety process and making sure they have the proper resources is key to having a workforce that will be cooperative, communication will increase, and productivity will benefit.

What has worked for you?

Do you have ideas on how to increase productivity through the increased safety?
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