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How to measure just how much your clothing will protect you

If you are working as an electrical engineer or in any environment where arc flash is a potential hazard, you need to be sure that the garments that you choose will provide you with adequate protection. 

Arc flash is an electrical explosion caused by high temperatures and extreme pressures that results in an arc blast.

The injuries sustained can be life-threatening, so choosing protective gear that is for purpose is of the utmost importance.

Read on to find out how you can measure just how much your clothing is protecting you. 

What material is it made of?

When it comes to choosing protective garments, you need to be sure that you are paying close attention to the material that items are made of. The most superior type of fabric that you can choose for FR garments is inherent fabric. Inherent fabric is an innately flame resistant fibre that hasn’t had to undergo any type of process to achieve the properties that it has.

What makes it such a great choice for workwear is that the properties can’t be diminished through use or laundering, meaning that can stand the test of time and will save companies money as there is no need to keep repurchasing items.

Arc Hi-Vis Waterproof Trousers (CL.2/ARC2)

These lightweight, durable trousers boast an elasticated waistband for added comfort as well as external cargo pockets, making them a practical choice.

ARC Hi-Viz Overall (CL.1/ARC 2)

Combining superior arc flash protection with comfort, this overall is a bestseller on our website. It comes with lots of functional pockets and even includes kneepad pockets.

What kind of environment are you working in?

The type of protective garments that you choose need to be applicable for the environment that you are working in, so keep this in mind.

If you on work on a roadside and are often completing tasks through the night, you’ll need to choose from our Hi-Vis, waterproof options, which will protect you against the elements and will also ensure that you remain visible to motorists.

Electrical engineers that are working inside should opt for garments made of lightweight, breathable materials that will ensure that they stay cool throughout the working day.

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