Eye and Head Protection

The different type of eye and face protection you can wear

If you work as an Electrical Engineer, you’ll know just how important protective clothing is to help you fulfil your job role effectively and remain safe while you are doing it. Unfortunately, eye and face protection are both too often overlooked.

When working in any environment where arc flash is a potential risk, choosing the right eyewear to reduce the risk of injury is imperative.

Read on for our suggestions about the best types of eyewear that you can choose.

Why do you need protective eyewear?

An arc flash releases a significant amount of electrical energy and has a number of different causes including failure contamination, dust, dropped tools and corrosion equipment failure, inadvertent contact with energized parts, dropped tools and several other causes.

When an arc fault occurs, a heat and pressure wave is produced than can cause serious harm to workers.

The force of the pressure wave has been known to knock workers off their feet. When an Arc Flash happens, having the right eyewear on can help you to reduce your chances of causing damage to your eyes.

Depending on the type of environment that you are working in, there are a number of different type of eyewear that you can choose.

ARC Electro+ ARC Helmet

When you need superior protection against the damaging effects of arc flash, choose this helmet, which benefits from having a retractable full face visor. This piece of protective wear is composed of Modified High-Impact Polyamide and is ideally suited to professional linesmen.

MSA V Guard Arc Helmet

This electrician helmet is balanced and lightweight and is also non-vented and comes with a 6-point Fas-Trac® III ratchet suspension. Ideally suited to environments where top impact hazards to the head and impact, chemical splash, Ultra-Violet radiation, molten metal splash or electric arc to the face exist.

Choosing this particular helmet will also mean that you will be benefitting from premium anti-fog and anti-scratch coated visors, as well as three levels of nape neck height adjustment, giving superior nape neck fit. The comfort pad included in this product will also ensure increased cooling airflow.

We stock a wide range of other protective eyewear. Explore our eye and face protection here.

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