Consignment Stock

Total Safetywear Management

The Skanwear Consignment Stock System involves the provision of managed consignment stock at your premises, with regular stock takes either by us or by yourselves. Top-ups to predetermined, maximum stock levels happen automatically with one invoice raised per month for only the products used.

The main benefits of Skanwear’s Consignment Stock system include:

  • Reduced on-site stock holding through efficiently managed stock control.
  • Back up of specialist stock at our premises, delivered to you in manageable quantities.
  • Reduced administration – the number of deliveries and corresponding paperwork is kept to a minimum.
  • No cost for the stock you are holding – you are only invoiced for the stock you have actually used.
  • Prevention of ‘out of stock’ panic situations.
  • ‘Peace of mind’ for the purchasing department, enabling their resources to be spent on more critical issues.
  • Preferential stock holding to beat and/or hold off price increases, offering price stability.
  • Guaranteed product quality – no incorrectly specified material.
Skanwear consignment stock