Fabrics, Ergonomic and Style

The fine-tuning of all our STRATA clothing results in a combination of efficient fit with more than adequate protection from Arc Flash Blasts, whilst still remaining ergonomically sound.

By getting the basics right, we know that anything after that is an added bonus which is why all our fabric is inherent. This is where the actual fibre isn’t physically flammable and can’t be washed out meaning you get a lifetime guarantee when you buy our products.

Not only this but fit and function are also taken into account when designing the products. We use the Friends of STRATA grassroots approach to work on genuine feedback from wearers to get these features just right.

Articulated knees and arms are taken into consideration the fact that people just don’t work stood upright all day; there needs to be bend and give as the body moves to perform tasks in hand. By having pre-curved knees and arms with extra material in the right places, wearers get better comfort and coverage.
By addressing basic needs of the wearer, their happiness in the workplace is taken care of, then leading on to higher morale and better productivity.

Protal®, Nomex®, Cantex®, Lenzing FR®, Marlan®

Westex – UltraSoft®, Megatec, Pyrovatex®, PROBAN®

GORE-TEX®, SIOPOR®, CORDURA®, Organic Cotton

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