Our History


Skanwear was born into its Scandinavian heritage in the early 1900s when Bryan Long married Marianne Lidbeck, hailing from the beautiful city of Göteborg, Sweden. Having spent the first half of his career as a sales agent, Bryan developed a strong understanding of the needs surrounding various products within agricultural markets.

In the mid 1980s, seeing a niche for the supply of everyday clothing into the agricultural market, Bryan established his own business: NMC Workwear, which he operated from a small business unit in Doncaster. Due to its popularity and success, NMC Workwear relocated to purpose-built premises providing our company with excellent facilities for continued growth.

The business took a change in direction in 1994, propagating its Scandinavian heritage and focusing on the source and supply of quality work clothing from Scandinavia to a variety of industrial companies and markets. Current and prospective clients within the industry had expressed that there was a distinct lack of quality, well-designed work clothes in the market; so investing in such items for their employees’ comfort and wellbeing was well worth it.

The motto, bq. ‘Twice the wear is half the price’, was foundational to our ethos and still applies to everything we do today. With this, household names began purchasing from the company and continue to use the same clothing styles today thanks to the reliable features of functionality, innovation, comfortable fit and extreme wearability.

Fast-forward to 2006 and NMC Workwear were experiencing excellent growth, which went hand-in-hand with a need for expansion of company premises. To further enhance the achievement and Scandinavian heritage, the business underwent a major rebrand, relaunching as Skanwear and producing its first corporate clothing catalogue. From here, Skanwear’s growth was attributable to vast expertise in the supply of specialist products and services to blue chip clients within the UK.

Our technical expertise proved a key factor in 2010, as we expanded into the supply of protective clothing and PPE solutions to many companies within the energy market. As the Skanwear of today, we have established our passion, expertise and efficiency within the industry. We take pride in having developed our services for different sectors and the companies involved in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity, oil and gas.

As we move through 2014 we are experiencing increased growth and demand from across the world for our unique STRATA® Multi-Hazard Electric Arc Resistant Clothing Solution. The best in the world.

Skanwear History Timeline